As Forex traders, we focus on learning how to trade, we focus on creating proper strategies, and we even focus on getting our risk/money management levels right. But do we give priority to finding the right brokerage company?

I can say for sure that majority donít consider it important, but in actual, it is amongst the MOST important aspect of traderís life! It will extremely illogical to say that success/failure are entirely to do with brokers, but to say it doesnít contribute is equally foolish!

So, this is where we MUST know about the broker we can trust and ones that suits us! Itís not the EASIEST of things to do, but thanks to, itís now EASILY possible with over 100s of broker listed with all their features and facilities, it not only helps with EASY comparison, but tell us facts that we might NOT be aware of! So, now know things that you should certainly know!