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Thread: FP Markets - A Broker that is REALLY a BROKER!

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    FP Markets - A Broker that is REALLY a BROKER!

    When we talk or hear newbies suggesting, it mostly starts with I have got 50% or I have got 100% bonus type of things, but how many things people talk about deal stuff like regulation? This is because newbies lives in illusionary world where bonus is how success or bigger profit is made and unfortunately certain brokers which are more bucket shops are masters at putting such things in our mind which is far from reality as per achieving success goes. I am not part of all this illusionary world, as I know whatís real and thatís why I am part of FP Markets, they are 100% Australian owned and operated company licensed by ASIC and servicing since last 12 years, I hardly want to put best or great tag here, I just clear one thing and thatís them being a BROKER not masked butcher shop.

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    Sounds interesting, but I am not sure about this broker, as I haven’t heard much. I believe good we go with established one or else we will struggle, so got to be working very wisely in order to really gain well.

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    I am not exactly sure what you mean by broker that is really a broker; itís obvious that every broker are a broker! Anyhow, I work with FreshForex who just describes this industry perfectly with providing top notch features and facilities from zero spreads to 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus to Mega Rebate and the best part is their latest offering thatís $200 Push Up No Deposit Bonus!

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