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Thread: FP Markets – The Broker with HIGHEST Rating on FPA

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    FP Markets – The Broker with HIGHEST Rating on FPA

    When we talk about best brokers, it is often about brokers which got bonuses and all that which people tend to believe as best, but hardly anyone talk about genuine brokers. However, it is something that is well known to experts, it’s why FP Markets are the HIGHEST rated broker on internet’s safest site in terms of rating and that is Forex Peace Army (FPA).

    FP Markets are rated at 4.3/5 with criteria of 1000 clients, at least. The amazing or probably the most astonishing part here is that they are not offering any FREEBIES! They are one of the most genuine companies out there which is why no over the top things are needed. They are licensed by ASIC and are an Australian based company with very much on the point conditions. So to me they truly deserve such rating!

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    Well, I am not sure about this broker since I have never heard much, so one needs to be pretty smart with the choice we make. I made mistake of joining broker like Alpari and Instaforex in past, so need not to repeat such errors again if we are to succeed.

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