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Thread: FP Markets Ė Rare genuine broker WITHOUT BONUS or FREEBIES!

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    FP Markets Ė Rare genuine broker WITHOUT BONUS or FREEBIES!

    How silly this sounds? It is a crime to have a broker NOT offering bonus or freebie because we are mad over these things! But I guess itís better to sound silly, at least I can avoid losing or avoid getting slaughtered by scamming brokers offering dozens of freebies or bonuses.

    I operate with FP Markets because it is one rare genuine broker left in this era offering quality service instead of freebies! Licensed by ASIC and been an Australian operated company, this is not the broker to be missed! Of course thatís till you love your money unless itís okay to join brokers offering life changing bonuses, but the life part is life is changed in bad for you and good for such companies.

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    Who told you that a good broker is if it doesn’t offer bonuses or freebies? I think it is irrelevant part and it doesn’t make any broker good or bad. So, please don’t judge brokers like that instead try to do proper research about them.

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