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Thread: FPMarkets The leading Australian Broker with ASIC regulation!

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    FPMarkets The leading Australian Broker with ASIC regulation!

    When we talk about what type of broker is required, it is common that Australian brokers are amongst the top on the list to work with. The reason is absolutely crystal clear; it is because Australia is a country where everything is done is very strict and legitimate way!

    So, if any broker operates from there, it is highly likely to be good and got to have strong financial setup, as otherwise, it is not possible to become an Australian company. So just imagine how it is to be with the LEADING Australian Broker in the industry, which is FP Markets.

    Having over 12 years of experience servicing globally, they have won 35+ Awards with been licensed by ASIC to ensure further safety. The condition itself is worth in gold with having transparent structure removing any sort of manipulation, over 10,000 instruments to pick from, it is easily the largest range anywhere found, which is just remarkable. Furthermore, it's having zero spread, 1:500 leverage, high-quality trading platform and 24/5 active support, it’s not just a broker, and it’s much beyond it!
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    I am not exactly sure about this company. But still I am not sure about this, as they don’t have feature that supports newbies. I believe it is far better that we work with broker that is likable for newbies.

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    When one talk about brokers, it is not EASY to find one which is quality yet got the features too, but here I have my broker FreshForex. It is one of those RARE category type where almost all features are available, and that is what makes them so very special by all means and measurements. Whether it counts from lowest possible spreads at 0.1, high leverage up to 1:2000, Bonuses up to 101%, Rebate program to get back 20 USD per lot, No Commission on deposit, Smooth trading platform, Instant payment, 24/7 support and much more. So, is there ANY feature missing here?

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