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Thread: Friendly Memecoin forever

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    Friendly Memecoin forever

    Friendly Memecoin forever

    Nothingburger Coin

    Really Nothing is the way to get everything.

    Nothingburger Coin ($NATHIN) is the antidote to the overhyped world of crypto.
    It's a Solana-based meme coin that celebrates the chill and avoids the frills.
    Fueled by irony and a strong community, Nothingburger Coin aims to prove that real value can come from a little nothing.

    Really Nothing is the way to get everything.

    Nothingburger =Not a thing = Nothing = Everything

    Always smiling and always cheerful

    Nothingburger = No Ego, No Body consciousness, No Anger, No hatred, No fear, No Enemies

    This is where you can buy the coin:

    Contract address: 7fVB5uE2fUc7N3cVup3v287uU9YKiB2U1gkquoB77zQX



    We are now live and trading on Solana Exchanges like Raydium

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