The world is full of thousands of cryptocurrencies trading on hundreds of different exchanges. 70% of all people who hold cryptocurrency have 3 or more exchange accounts, making it necessary to keep several tabs open to see how different markets are moving. To compound that problem, crypto exchanges operate 24/7 and traders often miss out on making trades they would have wanted to because of competing life priorities like work and sleep. We all know about our friends who stay up trading and regret it the next day. With all these exchanges operating hundreds of markets non-stop, there are millions of data points humans cannot analyze by hand. Furthermore, even though the most experienced traders try to stick to their pre-determined and time-tested trading strategies, they still often end up making emotional trades they later regret.

Fortunately, for the traders who want to remove human emotion from trading, as well as be able to run their trading strategies 24/7, there is a solution. Avansa is a cloud-based, all-inclusive platform to which you can connect your exchange accounts and see all of your crypto assets in one intuitive dashboard. Further, you can automate your trading strategies to operate non-stop so you never miss your perfect trades. Whether you are a new or veteran trader, the Avansa platform has something for everyone. The Avansa platform enables anyone to create bots that automatically make the trades you want to make. Better still, the crypto trading bots are 100% rational with zero emotion involved, meaning they can act calmly in all trading scenarios. This takes the emotion out of trading entirely. In this post, we’ll look at exactly what sets Avansa apart from other cryptocurrency bot platforms, and why Avansa is the superior platform above all other trading software currently available on the market.

Avansa: An All-In-One Solution

Avansa is a one-stop-shop for automated trading and analytics. No longer will you need to keep multiple tabs of different exchanges open in order to make the best trades. Cryptocurrency markets don’t sleep, and neither does Avansa. Avansa is a cloud-based solution which aggregates trading from the world’s most popular and liquid exchange platforms, including Binance and Coinbase Pro. Just one Avansa account is needed to connect to the supported crypto exchanges. A trader without a single, unified platform can end up leaving a lot of value on the table, as important trades can often be overlooked on different exchanges.

Avansa: Super-Fast Trades

Avansa ensures that trades are made rapidly, through lightning-fast backend software, hardware, and data architecture. Avansa bots have direct access to live cryptocurrency prices across hundreds of cryptocurrencies on different exchanges. Avansa’s cutting-edge software architecture reads and analyzes markets in fractions of a second – be the fastest trader. Avansa’s speed is not limited to trading, however. The Avansa team works around the clock to add new exchanges and functionality which ultimately improves the user experience.

Avansa: Gold-Standard Security

Avansa uses the highest standards of security in the industry. All API keys used are fully secure and encrypted, and you will never be asked for an exchange password. Avansa offers enterprise-grade security and two-factor authentication. Avansa connects from the cloud to the exchange API to ensure all orders go through swiftly and on-time. Everything on the Avansa platform has been created with user security as the top priority.

Avansa: Advanced Software from a World-Class Team

The Avansa platform was developed by a team of world-class engineers and software developers, based proudly in Chicago U.S.A.

Avansa offers a backtesting feature which leverages their robust data set, allowing for finer-grained analysis compared to the competition. The backtester allows you to see how a trading strategy would have performed in the past by scanning through millions of data points to see where a trade would have happened for that specific strategy as well as how the strategy would have performed. The team of industry experts have crafted an experience that requires no programming knowledge whatsoever. All that is required is to use your API keys to connect to exchanges, choose your indicator and bot parameters, and then start your bots.

Avansa: Industry Leading Support & Management

The support that Avansa offers customers is second to none. This support is available constantly with a team of high-quality professionals who are ready to assist with any comment or query a user may have. This support feature is available through Avansa’s live chat feature on the platform.

Avansa: The Three Pillars of a Great Platform

To sum up, the three major benefits that Avansa offers users is speed, simplicity, and security. When Avansa is compared to other trading platforms on the market, these characteristics stand out clearly versus the competition. Avansa champions itself on its fast, accurate data.

Avansa provides a one-glance overview of balances and trades across your connected exchanges. There is full integration with the world’s top exchanges on which to trade the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world.

If you are interested in getting started with Avansa, they are currently offering a 14-day free trial with no commitments at