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Thread: GBP/USD review

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    GBP/USD review

    Hi folks

    Now an opportunity buy GBP from 1.508-1.507 with the nearest target 1.5225. It could be danger to catch a falling knife but price is rebout some time from this level.

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    GBP/USD is very popular pair around the world. Investors should focused on market conditions, then should invest, in case of GBP/USD traders should be more concentrated on The British and America market place. Therefore they should be gain enough trading knowledge and connected with a reliable broker like FreshForex which provides the update news of market place and gives all kinds of supports.

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    According to the an hourly report of GBP/USD of 17 July 2021 where the market price started from 1.37625and after starting it went up to 1.37700 that was huge uptrend but the market was not stable for long time it was again downtrend and it was 1.37600. However, the market lastly resistances at 1.37625 so there is a great chance to uptrend in future.

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