Henkel & Co KGaA AG is a Germany-based company active in three globally operating business sectors: Laundry & Home Care; Cosmetics/Toiletries, and Adhesive Technologies. The Laundry & Home Care business sector is active in the laundry and home care branded consumer goods business. The Laundry business includes heavy-duty and specialty detergents, as well as fabric softeners, laundry performance enhancers and laundry care products. The Home Care business includes hand-dishwashing and machine-dishwashing products, cleaners for bath and water closets applications, among others. The Cosmetics/Toiletries business segment encompasses hair cosmetics, body care, skin care and oral care products. The Adhesive Technologies includes adhesives for consumers, craftsmen and building, and industrial adhesives, and comprises five business units: Adhesives for Consumers, Craftsmen and Building; Transport and Metal; General Industry; Packaging, Consumer Goods and Construction Adhesives, and Electronics.

Official website: www.henkel.com