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Thread: HHS.C - Hi Ho Silver Resources Inc.

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    HHS.C - Hi Ho Silver Resources Inc.

    HHS.C Due Diligence Report
    (All Information Can Be Found From Company January 2018 Presentation)
    Contact For A Copy

    Price: $0.035 (10 year low)
    Common Shares: 36,407,804 (As Of October 31st 2017)
    Insider/Institutional Holdings: 9,342,350 or 25.6%
    Warrants: 6,590,000 – Exercisable between $0.20 - $0.30
    Options: 7,000,000 – Exercisable between $0.05 - $0.10
    Fully Diluted: 49,997,804
    - 6.8 million shares at the start of 2017 with higher costs from previous years(rolled back already)
    - All money raised and shares issued in 2017 at a price of 10 cents only

    Company Projects

    1) Illite Clay Property (Acquired October 2017)
    X-Ray diffraction confirmed this clay is Illite adsorptive clay, similar to the famous green healing clay from France. Presently clay is distributed to major spas with high markup.
    Potential external uses for Illite clay are:
    - Rejuvenating face mask and exfoliation
    - Adsorbs acne
    - Lifts wrinkles
    - Heals burns, bee stings, insect bites, rashes and inflammation
    - Sunscreen
    - Toothpaste
    •Round trip from harvesting site to Vancouver port facility is 2000 kilometers
    •Mine site located at 1300 meter elevation, snow-free from June through November
    •Time frame to obtain government permits is 2-4 months
    **Note** French Green Clay currently sells on Amazon for $18 CDN for 1KG.

    2) Fairview Gold Project
    •Fairview property, Oliver, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia
    •Inferred gold resource of 32,000 oz., and a silver content of 192,000 ounces (N.I. 43-101).
    •Underground configuration to be developed by an adit driven horizontally to intersect the mineralization.
    •Inferred Resource based on 47 drill holes, and may possibly be expanded by exploration to potentially reach 200,000 ounces gold.
    •This is a conceptual exploration target for between 550,000 and 650,000 tonnes grading between 0.29-0.31 oz/t gold
    •Hi Ho Resources Inc. holds a large land position on the property.
    •Mill capacity is available nearby in Greenwood or Merritt.
    •A drilling program to be completed with $300,000 financing.
    •Production may move rapidly when funded.

    3) Norbeau Gold Project, Quebec
    •Former gold producer developed on 12 levels to 12oo feet.
    •Optioned to Itoco Mining Corp. with 5% retained net profits interest.
    •Equity position plus NPI – 4 million shares (approximately 15%)
    •Hi Ho Resources Inc. holds 4 million shares of Itoco Mining Corp. as part of development funding for Norbeau.
    •Original mine produced 419,000 tons grading 13.77 oz./t gold 1965-1969
    •Conceptual exploration potential 2-10 million tonnes grading 0.6-0.7 g/t gold

    4) Canamara Iron & Titanium Corporation, Quebec
    •Hi Ho Silver Resources Inc. equity position approx. 8% (2,000,000 shares plus 2,000,000 warrants)
    •Canamara, private company, extensive high-grade hard-rock Titanium Properties Quebec, adjacent Rio Tinto’s Lac Tio Titanium mine, a producer for sixty-five years
    •Known exploration targets (drilled in part) potential 140-160 million tonnes grading 38-40% Ti O2.\
    •World-class high-grade Titanium as Ilmenite (Titanium/Iron Oxide)••Very large district resource exploration potential to be drilled, geophysically outlined

    •Bralorne Gold Project, BC
    •Silver Reef Gold Project, California
    •Bonanza Prospect Gold/Silver/Lead/Zinc/Copper, BC
    •Abbott Prospect Gold/Silver/Lead/Zinc, BC
    •Omenica Cobalt/Nickel/Platinum, BC

    News Release Today:
    Hi Ho to buy polymetallic B.C. property for $100,000
    2018-01-24 13:36 MT - News Release
    Mr. William Jorgenson reports
    Hi Ho Silver Resources Inc. has been granted an option to acquire a 100-per-cent interest in a property prospective for both nickel-cobalt-platinum and copper-molybdenum, located in the Omineca mining district of Central British Columbia, Canada.
    The prospect lies within an intrusive ultramafic unit that is strongly anomalous in nickel, cobalt and platinum to a level in oil and rock rubble samples that approximate the levels in a major nickel-cobalt resource in similar rocks of the Turnagain mafic complex to the north. The property is also prospective for copper and molybdenum in the surrounding intrusive rocks, based on 17 drill holes by BP in 1973, that encountered significant long intervals of copper and molybdenum mineralization. The property covers 1066 hectares over 67 claims, plus any adjoining property that may be acquired by either party. Road access is available to the property and power lines are located within 10 miles of the property.
    To exercise the option and earn its interest in the property, Hi Ho must make total cash payments of $100,000 and issue a total of two million common shares to the optionors in stages as follows:
    · A total $20,000 cash, of which $1,000 has been paid and, on signing of a formal option agreement, the balance of $19,000 cash, plus 500,000 common shares;
    · On the first anniversary date of the option agreement, $20,000 cash plus 500,000 common shares;
    · On the second anniversary date, $30,000 cash plus 500,000 common shares;
    · On the third anniversary date, $30,000 plus 500,000 common shares.
    Upon Hi Ho exercising the option and acquiring a 100-per-cent interest in the property, the optionors will retain a 2-per-cent net smelter returns royalty of which 1-per-cent may be purchased at any time for $1-million.
    Hi Ho intends to pay finders' fees either in common shares or cash in connection with the option.
    Geochemical values from surface gossanous material are: Nickel 1,800 parts per million, cobalt 153 ppm and platinum 2,200 parts per billion. The cobalt is particularly of interest as this approximates the cobalt content of the Turnagain drilled resource of nickel-cobalt lying in a more northern portion of the nickel mineralized belt. Copper and molybdenum values were encountered over substantial thicknesses in 18 holes drilled by BP in 1973. Among the better intersections are in Hole No. 8 a zone of 230 feet assaying 0.21 per cent copper, 0.02 per cent molybdenum; Hole No. 7, 50 feet of 0.44 per cent copper and 0.019 per cent molybdenum, 50 feet of 0.18 per cent copper and 0.023 per cent molybdenum, and 50 feet of 0.14 per cent copper and 0.006 per cent molybdenum; Hole No. 6 returned 140 feet of 0.13 per cent copper and 0.002 per cent molybdenum. Hole No. 2 returned 100 feet of 0.3 per cent copper.
    Anomalous gold has also been encountered in grab samples from the property.
    Exploration potential for the property is believed to be substantial. There are no established reserves or resources on the property, and it will require exploration and redevelopment work and sampling to establish any resource or reserve. There can be no assurance that a resource can be established, or if established that such will be economically recoverable.
    The company has issued 260,000 units at a deemed price of 10 cents per Unit to certain directors and officers of the company as payment for services rendered pursuant to consulting agreements. Each unit comprises one common share and one transferable common share purchase warrant to purchase one additional share at an exercise price of 30 cents per share for a period of two years from the date of issuance.
    About Hi Ho Silver Resources Inc.
    Hi Ho Silver Resources is a Vancouver-based mineral exploration company dedicated to the exploration and development of precious and base metal mineral deposits and other mineral opportunities in North America and elsewhere.
    This press release has been reviewed and approved by Dr. Stewart Jackson, PGeo, a qualified person and technical adviser to Hi Ho.
    We seek Safe Harbor.
    © 2018 Canjex Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.

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    Up nicely today, ex-directors that were selling are now gone and the price can go back to a more realistic level.

    Market Depth:
    4 / 95,000 0.06----- 0.07 40,000 / 3
    4 / 80,000 0.055----- 0.08 25,000 / 1
    4 / 74,000 0.05----- 0.085 22,000 / 3
    3 / 220,000 0.045----- 0.09 28,000 / 2
    6 / 230,000 0.04----- 0.095 18,000 / 1
    4 / 141,000 0.035----- 0.10 6,000 / 1
    11 / 349,000 0.03----- 0.105 10,000 / 1
    2 / 210,000 0.025----- 0.12 10,000 / 1
    2 / 35,000 0.02----- 0.215 20,000 / 2

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