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Thread: Information related to LiveTradeSystem's TAKIT PRO

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    Information related to LiveTradeSystem's TAKIT PRO

    Hi, All, Greetings,

    Recently I came across the Stock Market Trading Software in the name TAKIT PRO designed & supported by Live trade Systems. They proclaim that, their software gives automated Buy & Sell signals in live stock market session. Also one can study on EOD charts. I took a demo in live market, but was not taken any trade. As the demo was for hardly 25-30 minutes. They charge 15,000/- for the software.

    If anybody from the forum knows about it or using this software please shares it. Even if anybody using other software which has the same features, please share it.

    Thanks & regards, Deep.

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    yes brother i am using the takit software for quiet few months

    i ahave also taken it by seeing the Demo, its good but also generates false signals over the times

    overall the profit margin is not so much as they were telling

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