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Thread: Is intraday trading is as lucrative as before?

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    Is intraday trading is as lucrative as before?

    Hello traders,

    Is it true that intraday trading is not as attractive as it used to be earlier coz of numerous other lucrative alternatives ?

    How good is venturing into intraday trading now in general, though it depends on individuals ?

    views are welcome...

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    in my point of view intraday is still have certain atractive as warlier..

    I use TAKIT pro team's software for a better guidance over the market... as they provide buy sell signals over the charts...

    this help me lot in earning with other certain conditions with the signals for the earning of profit...

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    Yes, I think so cause here traders are able to earn more within very short time. Some of my friends are following this strategy at FreshForex broker and now they are passing very good days.

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