Jesus Christ Coin


ICO will begin May 1st 2024 and will happen in 3 levels.
Level 1- May 1st 2024-June 30th 2024 - 1FJCC = .0000029
Level 2- July 1st 2024- August 31st 3024- 1FJCC = .0000039
Level 3- September 1st 2024- October 31st 2024 - 1FJCC = .0000049

For every FJCC token purchased another is transferred to a community wallet, which will be used to fund programs that will combat the root causes of economic and social inequality. Current programs offered by governments are designed to keep individuals reliant on such programs keeping them in circumstances where they feel there is no way out. We will offer these these individuals various programs and essential goods to lift them out of these circumstances and lead them to living a life of fulfillment. These programs will only be accesses by FJCC Tokens from the "Community wallet" Governments are not incentivized to design programs that actually help with root causes because they are bogged down by politics and over-regulation. We believe that with a community of like minded individuals we can make the change that is needed to provide services that will have a positive impact on communities around the world. There will be various incentives for FJCC token holders to hold their FJCC and for new investors to come in and own them. Our team is dedicated to providing these services but equally as dedicated to increasing the value of FJCC Token holders.

Rather than any religious affiliation or agenda, the decision to name the cryptocurrency "Jesus Christ Coin" and its ticker symbol as FJCC stems from a deep-rooted commitment to the values and teachings embodied by Jesus Christ, such as compassion, love and service to others



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