Join the Fandomdao Voting Extravaganza: Your Ticket to the Billboard Music Awards (2024)!

Hey Fandomdao Community!!

Are you prepared for the grand spectacle? We are thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated event within our community - The Billboard Music Awards Voting Event Fandomdao Challenge 2. Brace yourselves, as your votes hold the key to shaping fanbase history!

The Billboard Music Awards: a yearly extravaganza celebrating the pinnacle of musical excellence! Who will capture our hearts and ascend to glory in 2024, leaving us mesmerized! As anticipation soars, we eagerly await the crowning of champions on one of America’s most prestigious musical stages!

Fandamdao marries the influence of votes with a heartfelt donation initiative. Each ballot cast contributes to a benevolent cause, channeling support to the Hear the World Foundation and aiding hearing-impaired children worldwide.

But wait, there's more! As a token of our appreciation for your fervor, we have surprises in store for our top voters. Prepare for an exclusive airdrop of FAND tokens, our very own utility tokens.

Why FAND token?

Owning FAND tokens is a strategic move for constant engagement with reputable celebrities in addition to potential financial rewards in the realm of Web3 Socialfi. With FAND tokens emerging as one of the most promising digital assets, seizing this opportunity is imperative. So, don't delay—cast your vote now with a simple log-in!

The Fandomdao Platform: At the heart of it all lies Fandomdao, a revolutionary avenue where users embrace Web3 services seamlessly through conventional social accounts, such as Google. It beckons artists to unite with their fandoms through events and fan clubs, fostering effortless connections.

Why join Fandomdao?

It's a global Web3 Socialfi Platform offering exclusive FAND airdrops in every event. Don't miss your chance to claim your airdrop!

Event Details: Voting period: 2024-02-16 05:00 AM (UTC) ~ 2024-03-18 05:00 AM (UTC)

Announcement of voting results: 2024-03-19 07:00 AM (UTC)

Airdrop: Scheduled to be announced on social media on 2024-03-21 07:00 AM (UTC)

Participate in Fandomdao Challenge 2: Sign up for Fandomdao membership using a Google account or a digital asset wallet connection to receive 300 FAO points upon signing up.

Utilize FAO points for the challenge (50 FAO points deducted per vote). Share the event link on social media platforms, tag two or more friends, and include the mandatory tag # Fandomdao to earn 50 FAO points.

A Bonus for Humanity: 1% of the FAND tokens received by winners will be donated to hearing-impaired children supported by the Hear the World Foundation.

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Join Fandomdao's early events, where the project is in its nascent stages, and take advantage of special airdrops and the initial release of the FAND token. Cast your vote, engage actively, and secure your participation in the future of Web3.0 Socialfi.

About Fandomdao: Fandomdao is a Web3 Socialfi platform connecting fandoms and artists worldwide. It simplifies social sharing, communication, and content creation while rewarding user participation with tangible value. Early adopters are encouraged to seize the opportunity for an exclusive airdrop.

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