With Christmas right around the corner, crypto enthusiasts everywhere place crypto at the top of their wish lists. A recent Twitter poll by the Bank of England shows most people prefer digital currency if receiving money as a gift.

As seen in the Bank of England twitter poll, most people prefer to receive money through digital currency - 72%, over traditional means of payment, as a Christmas gift. Another indicator showing people’s interest in crypto is the Google trend search history, which shows search results for Bitcoin are at their highest point since the first week in April.

Therefore, though Bitcoin and crypto prices are down significantly, people’s interest for digital currencies is still strong. This suggests that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have a bright future and could potentially see massive interest and adoption. We believe that compliance and regulation trends among most of the countries worldwide will only support and raise new industry.

KYCBench is wishing Happy Christmas to its customers, business partners and counter parties. May the winds of Christmas arrive steadily and on time and bearing nothing but gifts. Merry Christmas!

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