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Thread: What are the legitimate ICOs currently on the market?

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    What are the legitimate ICOs currently on the market?

    Companies that are looking to complete an ICO have an incredible task of performing their due diligence on their investors. To realize how significant performing due diligence is, imagine a scenario where an ICO has raised funds and is about to reach the end of its crowdfunding successfully. The project is solving a real world problem, there is mass appeal and strong partnerships already announced. The company executives are rejoicing and the bottles are popping. Plans are being made on the upcoming tasks of managing the funds, assignment of workloads, new employees to interview etc.

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    Right at that moment imagine now the SEC (or any other governmental regulatory enforcement body) serves a Cease and Desist order on that ICO because of a lack of KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) processing. This is the nightmare all ICO owners face if they do not perform their regulatory due diligence when crowdfunding. As one of the gatekeepers for ICOs, KYCbench works to ensure that ICOs can appropriately process their investors data and documents in a safe secure and private way. ICOs do not have access to the personal data of their investors and investors know their information is secured up to the industry standard (ISO27001 and GDPR compliant). So in the future a legitimate ICO is one that takes the necessary steps to ensure that their ICO will stand the test of time and the test of regulatory compliance.

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    I am not in favour of investment on ICOs, as I feel itís far too risky sort of the deal. So, itís much better and profitable to go for investment where you can pull off right and is genuine.

    I love stocks a lot and I simply follow up with HKEX forecast, it is something that enables me to make good decisions and when you are good at decision making, then it automatically brings you the rewards you always desire for.

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