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Thread: LiveTradeSystem`s support timing

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    LiveTradeSystem`s support timing

    Hello traders ans users of LiveTradeSystem,

    I want to know, does LiveTradeSystem`s support timing is available with 24hours, as with my current service feeder I am not getting that much timing and could not reach them during morning times due to running market and after market hours they are not available

    But it will be easier from my end if the support time is for 24 hours so that even at night I can visit them either for query or for any issues that I face…

    Answers are welcome...

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    yes sir, LiveTradesystem's team are available for 24 hours for their users,

    you can surely have a subscription with them as in this case they are very good...

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    It's tough to make money without a good signal services so which is why I am interested to purchase your services but I need to know that can I use it on TP Global FX broker?

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