Meet Birdview: Your AI Crypto Portfolio Manager

In the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrency, Birdview has emerged as a revolutionary force, aiming to make crypto accessible for everyone through its AI-powered asset management tools, At the core of Birdview’s mission the recent introduction of its native token, $BDVW, marks a significant step towards achieving community ownership of the platform.

The $BDVW Token

The $BDVW token grants holders a direct stake in Birdview, offering them a pro-rata share of platform profits. This innovative approach ensures that the community has a vested interest in the success of Birdview, aligning the platform’s growth with the interests of its users. With 50% of platform profits directed to $BDVW token holders, the platform stands as a reliable revenue generator, fostering a sense of shared ownership.

Profit Sharing

Claiming Profits: Token holders can easily claim their share of profits directly from the dashboard within the Birdview app. Once claimed, profits are distributed in USDT to the wallets of token holders, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

The Birdview platform / app

Accessible Investing with Birdview: The Birdview app is designed to democratize crypto investing, offering a simple and intuitive interface that serves as an easy entry point for both beginners and experienced investors. The app consists of two distinct AI systems, with the AI-Portfolio Manager being a standout feature.

AI Portfolio Management

AI-Portfolio Manager: Birdview’s Portfolio Manager employs artificial intelligence to create well-balanced portfolios based on user-defined strategies. The AI system analyzes millions of data points, incorporating fundamental analysis, technical analysis, social media sentiment, and past market behavior. Users can choose from defensive to offensive strategies, depending on their risk tolerance and preferences.

The Portfolio Manager ranks cryptocurrencies on a scale from 0.00% to 100.00%, creating portfolios aligned with the user’s chosen strategy. The app’s interface allows users to track their portfolios in real-time, providing transparency and control. Additionally, funds can be easily withdrawn from the Portfolio Manager, with the AI system automatically executing sell orders to make funds available in seconds.

Seamless Fund Transfers:
To further enhance accessibility, Birdview supports rapid fund transfers between various payment institutions. Users can deposit and withdraw funds seamlessly using credit cards (Mastercard/Visa), PayPal, Ideal, bank transfers (SEPA), and other crypto wallets.

Birdview’s commitment to decentralization, community ownership, and accessible investing positions it as a pioneer in the crypto asset management space. The introduction of the $BDVW token and the powerful AI-Portfolio Manager solidify Birdview’s place as an innovative platform, making waves in the ever-expanding world of cryptocurrency. As crypto becomes more mainstream, Birdview stands out as a user-friendly and reliable option for investors of all levels.