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Thread: MiniDoge Listing At BitMart On 23rd July

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    MiniDoge Listing At BitMart On 23rd July


    MiniDoge is on a mission to reach the top in the Cryptocurrency world. July 23rd at 10 AM EST, it will be available to trade on Bitmart, one of the top ten CEX exchanges in the world. With over $850 million traded in the last 24 hours, it will provide more exposure and volume for MiniDoge. The platform operates in 180 countries and across 123 platforms, providing an easy way to exchange fiat into currency.

    As investors continue to research the team, DEVTEAMSIX, they will find a dedicated team creating an ecosystem of projects that continuously benefit its holders. Even though MiniDOGE is a very young token, it already hit four milestones, making it the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency. Just look at these numbers:

    • Over 80,000 holders in just 20 days after its official launch
    • $1,500,000 worth of tokens sold in less than 15 minutes in the presale
    • Verified on Twitter in it’s first 15 days
    • Listed on several exchanges including LBank
    • Great entry point for future investors

    Get to know more
    To always be up to date with MiniDOGE future tech and perks, follow the team on Social Media, and join the movement:

    Telegram Group:

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