Chanclacoin (CHANCLA)

Your mom slipper is now a meme coin

Attention meme lords and crypto rebels!
Get ready for Chancla Coin (CHANCLA), the token that's here to slap away boring crypto and bring the fiesta back to the blockchain!

What is Chancla Coin?

Imagine your mom's legendary chancla (that slipper that always found you when you were naughty) transformed into a powerful and hilarious cryptocurrency.
It's a viral meme and a playful rebellion against boring crypto.
That's the magic of the Chancla Coin!

Tokenomics Breakdown:

Total Supply: 69 billion tokens (wink wink)

Public Presale: May 15 (13% of total supply)

Chain: BEP-20

Ready to "Slap All the Coins" with Us?

Join the Chancla Coin revolution! Follow us on Twitter, visit our website for updates, and hop into our Telegram to be part of the fun.
Remember, memes may come and go, but the laughs and connections they create last a lifetime.

So grab your virtual chancla, prepare your lambo, join the rebellion, and let's make crypto fun again!



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Chancla Coin Presale details:
Stage 1 price: $0.0015 (May 15 to May 19)
Stage 2 price: $0.0020 (May 19 to May 23)
Stage 3 price $0.0030, (May 23 to May 27)
Stage 4 price $0.0040 (May 27 to June 1)
Stage 5 price $0.0080 (June 01 to August 15)

Don't miss this opportunity!


Join the Fun Here:




Important Disclaimer: The beauty of crypto is its unpredictability. Maybe a meme coin with the power of the chancla could become the next big thing but hey!, you need to know and accept that Chancla Coin is a satirical and humorous project with no real utility, value, or promise of financial return. It's designed for entertainment purposes only. Remember, memes are meant for laughter, not financial advice. Invest responsibly (because Mom won't be happy if you lose your allowance).