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Thread: Where Should Your Money be - Mutual Fund Or Stocks?

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    Where Should Your Money be - Mutual Fund Or Stocks?

    Stock investment has the potential to bring you unimaginable wealth. People choose mutual fund over equity to avoid the complexities of the stock market. In that way, a mutual fund is an easy and hassle-free route which doesn't require you to keep track of the performance on every day. In equity, you have to find stocks with good fundamentals and have to keep track of their performance from time to time.

    It's difficult for a person from a non-financial background, to understand the nitty gritty of the stock investment. For such investors, who want to be a part of the equity but lack knowledge and experience an stock research firm becomes the best options. A good research firm gives stock calls with precise entry and exit points and makes stock investment as easy as mutual fund.

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