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Thread: News in the Crypto industry – Telegram passport

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    News in the Crypto industry – Telegram passport

    Telegram messenger announced in their blog a launch of a cloud-based service for verification and storage of users documents in July 2018. Users will be able to upload their documents to the cloud with end-to-end encryption and have them always at hand.

    As explained by the developers, Telegram Passport is a single way of authorization for services that require identification. Before that, users had to enter their personal data every time while registering and entering new applications and with new function from Telegram this will be allowed at a time. To do this, the Telegram Passport service will be able to upload your data – photos, scans of documents, information about bankcards, and then share this data with various Internet services that require confirmation of identity.

    Telegram assures that all documents and personal data will be stored in the messenger’s cloud using end-to-end encryption.

    “For Telegram, this data is just a random set of words, and we will not have access to the information that you keep in your Telegram Passport. When you share your data, it will be transferred directly to the recipient. <…> In the future, all Telegram Passport data will be moved to a decentralized cloud”, the developers said in an announcement.

    Telegram now has a lot of information about its users’ preferences and about their phones, but it’s difficult to actually identify the user. If the so-called digital profile will be applied (with personal data, address, name), they will grow in price by times.

    However, the data that users provide about themself will not be reliable enough, and for most services, information verification will be required. Therefore, most likely, Telegram Passport will come in handy as a niche product for ICO, since the fact of identification of the owner’s identity is important there.

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