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    Nifty Today

    Profit booking in Nifty seen ahead of BREXIT

    10 Jun, 2016

    Stock Market Today by Shailesh Saraf 10th June 2016
    Indian Market Outlook:
    Today morning, SGX Nifty is trading at 8216 at 8:35 am IST. As per SGX, Nifty is expected to open at 8216 i.e. at a gap down of 14 points. FII and PRO combined have sold 4411500 shares in Index options yesterday signaling profit booking.International Market Outlook
    The Asian markets along with European and American peers are holding strong too suggesting a global strength in the Indices, however markets have seen a profit booking from the higher levels of S&P at 8120. S&P has been trading in a small range of 2120 to 2106 for last 4 days. The markets are eyeing BREXIT and the US FED meet due on 23rd June and 15th June respectively. The outcomes of these events would be very crucial in deciding the further course of the markets.

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    Indian Markets are slated to open gap down by 70 points at 8125, as SGX Nifty at 8.43 am. This indicates the panic which will also affect our Markets. The FII & Pro combined have sold above 100000 options in the past 3 trading sessions. If the Markets trade below the low of 8150, which is 2 weeks low, the short term trend will turn to sell.

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