Indian Market Outlook:
FII's have been net buyers worth Rs.3270 Cr in Index Options and worth Rs.2162 Cr in Index Futures. The rally in the markets has been triggered mainly due to the Global markets rallying last week which was triggered by, firstly, the BREXIT polls that suggested majority willing to stay in the Eurozone and secondly, the bailout of the Greece banks by the Eurozone to the extent of 12 Billion Euros. As per SGX today at 8:30 am IST, Nifty Share Price is expected to open at 8217.International Market Outlook
Asian Markets along with European and American peers are trading in green Monday morning. Yellen in her speech on Friday remarked that the FED rate hike could be happening soon in the coming months, looking at the ripe situation of the US economy with good jobs and inflation data. The polls on the BREXIT suggested that the majority is willing to stay in the EUROZONE which has been one of the major triggers for the markets to stay positive. The markets would be keenly waiting for the 15 June FED meeting and the BREXIT which is scheduled on 23 June.
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