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Thread: Nifty To Witness A Gap Up Opening Due to Dovish FED Minutes

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    Nifty To Witness A Gap Up Opening Due to Dovish FED Minutes

    The benchmark Index Nifty has been in the narrow trading range of 100-120 points in the past few trading sessions. Yesterday night Fed minutes of the previous meet was announced and majority of the members were against raising interest rates which will lead to positive opening today. Any big move can only be expected if 8750 and 8530 is breached on the upside or downside respectively. Bank nifty is showing positive gains as the new RBI governor is expected to be announced this week.Top 5 gainers for yesterday were Tata Steel, Coal India, Auropharma, Heromotocorp and Tata Power.Nifty Futures is expected to open at 8660 as per SGX Nifty at 8:35 am IST, which is 29 points above its previous close of 8631.

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