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Thread: OODL Coin – Giving You More Than You Deserve

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    OODL Coin – Giving You More Than You Deserve

    Oodlebit is a unique cryptocurrency platform that will be launched in the middle of 2019 with the intention of giving clients a straightforward and propelled exchanging interface. Unlike other cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Oodlebit will incorporate a simple and advanced trading platform for its users at all level. Furthermore, it can be assessed on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

    The truth is that the currency market is flooded with exchanges that do not meet the needs of customers. Users require a platform that comes with easy to use interface, reliable with low-cost fee models, and responsive customer support. Oodlebit is addressing these issues by creating a better option for digital asset trading. Like Binance, a team of investors, innovators, dreamers, and traders worked hard to meet the expectations of its customers or users as they build the Oodlebit platform. The platform is geared towards shaping the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

    The importance of the OODL Coin

    Oodlebit will utilize its traditional coin known as OODL coin. OODL coin is the tradable currency that allows its users to partake in various activities on the Oodlebit platform. OODL coin is among few coins in the cryptocurrency ecosystem that can be used in a real-world business. This gives the coin real value as that of any digital asset. Furthermore, users have the choice of voting if a new coin listing should be added to Oodlebit

    Details about the OODL Coin

    The total supply of OODL coin that will be made available is 200 Million with 50% distributed among the founders and investors. The other 50% will be for the public, which will come through its affiliate program, signup rewards, and other promotions. Through its affiliate program, you can earn 5 OODL coins with 50% income on trading fees on whoever uses your link.

    Furthermore, the exchange plans to use a Maker-Taker fee structure to motivate its users to place orders rather than taking previous orders. The Markers and Takers will be charged 0.15% and 0.2% respectively

    Features of the Oodlebit Platform

    The uniqueness of Oodlebit is one that cannot be likened to any cryptocurrency exchange in the world. The following are important features of the platform

    • Low Trading Fees: When trading on the platform, you get reduced and flat trading fees when you choose to use OODL.

    • Fast-Trades: Trading within the platform is swifter than you can imagine. You can trade Litecoin, Bitcoin, EOS, and other top digital asses through its high-speed matching engine that doesn’t freeze or delay the execution.

    • Powerful APIs: The Oodlebit platform utilizes API developers to create a unique third-party application. It uses monitoring tools, algorithmic trading bots, and much more

    • Security: Security is top for any serious cryptocurrency platform and Oodlebit takes this more seriously. The safety of your funds is a top priority when using the Oodlebit platform.

    Interestingly, frequent security updates and audits are performed to protect the users.

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    In today's world people are involving in Forex market than ICO or any DeFi project cause here people can earn unlimited money even with a small amount like if anyone invest just 100$ in FreshForex broker then he will get another 300$ as a bonuses.
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