Owens-Illinois Group, Inc., is a glass manufacturer company. The Company has four reportable segments based on its geographic locations: Europe, North America, South America and Asia Pacific. Europe, produces glass containers for beer, wine, champagne, spirits and food markets. North America, has glass container manufacturing plants in the United States and Canada. South America, produces glass containers including beer, non-alcoholic beverages, spirits, flavored malt beverages, wine, food and pharmaceuticals. Asia Pacific, produces glass containers for the beer, wine, food and non-alcoholic beverages. The Company produces glass containers for alcoholic beverages, including beer, flavored malt beverages, spirits and wine. The Company also produces glass packaging for a variety of food items, soft drinks, teas, juices and pharmaceuticals. The Company manufactures glass containers in sizes, shapes and colors and is active in new product development and glass container innovation.

Official website: www.o-i.com