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Thread: Are you having your own rules?

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    Are you having your own rules?

    Forex is a sort of business where we need to be very much disciplined and have our rules because it makes hell of a lot difference. I never set any complicated rules instead I keep it very much simple and straight forward which is boosted by OctaFX and with the ideal conditions present having small spreads from 0.1 pips for all major pairs and there is even rebate scheme that covers me in any sort of situation, so I donít have any extra rules!

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    We need to be discipline, as only then we will be able to work it out in our favor. I always work with simple and straight forward way, it helps a lot with broker like FreshForex, as they are amazing with having tidy spreads, fast execution, deposit bonus up to 101% and is use able too, so that really makes the work hell a lot easier.

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    Yes, we need to have solid rules to get it working in our way.

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    It’s not about our rules or anyone else rules, it’s more about discipline with how we approach things and also working through proper ways and plans. I have my own way of working and it helps through broker like FreshForex who got outstanding setting with zero spreads, fast execution, mega rebate and then there is even No Commission on Deposit, it’s just marvelous.

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    I am not a huge rule follower, but I do like to keep tab on the risk that I take. I don’t want to end up losing too much since that is not what will take us far. I find it all rather easy with Oceanicblissfx, as they have excellent structure that’s completely transparent and have multiple accounts to select from including Cent to ECN and there is even VIP Account option available, it’s all fantastic. I also use their market analysis that’s deadly accurate and brings so much reward.

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