Payout-coin is live


Payout-Coin is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency project aiming to have the lottery and gambling industry working in our favor.

Powered by blockchain technology, it provides a decentralized platform for transparent and fair gaming experiences.

The lottery is built up so that when the lottery pool reaches a set amount, it automatically draws a winner from the holders
and pays out the prize, this is written into the smart contract.

The next stage of development is to establish an online casino with a license in Gibraltar. The unique aspect of this project is that 90% of the profits from the online casino will be used to buy back PAY tokens and burn them.

This will create an infinite buy pressure on the token and, in that way, push the price action.

Led by a dedicated team that implements an extensive marketing strategy, we will go big on marketing,
this project has all possibilities to succeed.

PAY token will give you mulitple weekly chances of winning in the lottery and at the same time be a great store of value to the holders.

Liqudity will be locked for 10 years initially.

ICO will start 28.05.2023