Pepe Rocket Game

Pepe Rocket Game P2E MEME free airdrops and earnings

$PEPEG P2E with the most memeable memecoin in existence.
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Dive into the explosive world of Pepe Rocket Game, the meme token thatís taking the crypto galaxy by storm!

Powered by the legendary Pepe the Frog, this token combines the thrill of play to earn, with the fun of meme culture.

Whether you're a seasoned trader or a meme enthusiast, Pepe Rocket Game is your ticket to the moon, earn tokens while you pilot PEPE through the cosmos.

Get ready for a wild ride as we launch into a universe of endless possibilities.

Join the Pepe revolution today, and letís rocket to the stars!

Ownership renounced
(doesnít allow us to mint extra tokens or change code in tokenomics)
Contract verified (shows code and trust)

PePe Rocket Game is the new meme P2E game, where you can earn tokens piloting pepe through the cosmos.

✅ Token Chain: Base
✅ Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
✅ 0% buy tax
✅ 0% sell tax
✅ Marketing at each milestones
✅ Burn mechanism each time the game is played, token is deflationary

Contract verified✅:

Ownership renounced✅:

Contract address: 0x29172e76ee6862178D5978dd8Be80efe97A38E07

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