Plutuscoin not Just a Token but a Worthy Cause

Now deployed contract address: 0xd75022aFA22c8bAF992408B7480EEd1a2732fAf2

A new era has begun in cryptocurrency with the plutuscoin. A coin connected to a worthy cause, to bring self-reliance to developing countries with off-grid solar power technology.

Our goals
What the Plutuscoin is all about
Plutuscoin is projecting to invest in cellular solar technology, to improve efficiency and output. Our main goal which drives us is to deliver self-reliance to the developing countries

The PlutusCoin Not just a crypto coin
The Plutuscoin is our tool for creating capital for our future investments to bring self-reliance and renewable energy to developing countries.

Why us
We feel very passionate about what we are doing. We are working very hard and proud of this project and making sure it succeeds.

A coin with a worthy cause Forward thinking like-minded people


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