PPL Corporation (PPL) is an energy and utility holding company. The Company delivers electricity and natural gas to the customers. The Company generates electricity from power plants in the northeastern, northwestern and southeastern United States. The Company’s subsidiaries include PPL Energy Supply, LLC; PPL Electric Utilities Corporation; LG&E and KU Energy LLC; Louisville Gas and Electric Company, and Kentucky Utilities Company. PPL is organized into four reportable segments, which includes U.K. Regulated, Kentucky Regulated, Pennsylvania Regulated and Supply. The U.K. Regulated segment includes the operating results and assets of WPD Midlands. The Kentucky Regulated segment is engaged in the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity. Financing costs are allocated to Pennsylvania Regulated segment. The Supply segment consists of the activities of PPL Energy Supply's subsidiaries, PPL Generation and PPL EnergyPlus.

Official website: www.pplweb.com