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Thread: Pros & Cons of Short-Term Investment

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    Pros & Cons of Short-Term Investment

    Are you one of those who totally rules out short-term investment while planning investment? Generally, short-term investment is drawn with negative colours by financial planners and conservative investors. The primary reason cited against it is - that it poses an extreme risk to the capital. To some extent it is true. When you invest with a certain timeframe in mind, it automatically puts you under pressure.

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    Short-term and long-term investments options both have their own set of pros and cons. However, ruling out short-term investments in financial planning, is a common mistakes made by several. Financial planning should always be designed based on the goals and capital requirement. Short-term investments are usually associated with high risk and taxable returns. However, this is not always true. Short-term investments also bring high liquidity with low risk and potential of high returns. For instance, stock investments made in Intraday or BTST based on researched recommendation can reap good returns in short time

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