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Thread: RavenDex Hits The Crypto Space, To Be The BackBone Of DeFi Applications

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    RavenDex Hits The Crypto Space, To Be The BackBone Of DeFi Applications

    Since Cardano blockchain was launched in 2017, it has gained massive momentum and popularity among different segments of crypto enthusiasts. Following the Alonzo hard fork upgrade and with the launch of smart contracts, the Cardano ecosystem enables developers to deploy DApps on the Cardano ADA blockchain. No fewer than 140 projects have since been deployed or launched on the blockchain.

    In a bid to facilitate smooth and swift transfer on the Cardano blockchain, the team at RavenDex is pleased to announce the introduction of its project to the crypto community. RavenDex aims to support and power DeFi Applications by providing them with a wide range of services, including IDO Launchpad, a DEX, borrowing and lending services.

    RavenDex is built on the Cardano blockchain to guarantee seamless cross-border transactions with low fees. The team at RavenDex intends to move the Cardano ecosystem to the next level.

    Cross Chain Exchange/ Swap Protocol

    Being a decentralized automated market maker, RavenDex allows users to trade and swap their native Cardano tokens for profits. It also enables the buying and selling of tokens across different platforms without the activities of middlemen.

    Native Assets Lending Protocol

    Users can link or connect their wallets, deposit assets, and earn interest in a decentralized manner using the yore nightly extension.

    ERC-20 To Cardano Converter

    RavenDex is helpful for developers and project owners who want to migrate their native tokens from Ethereum to Cardano blockchain to enjoy low fees.

    Peer To Pool, Pool To Peer Lending Protocol (P2P)

    RavenDex makes crypto loans and lending easily accessible using an innovative pooled lending contract. Users can visit the RavenDex platform to borrow assets to pay back later with interest.

    The Minds Of RavenDex

    RavenDex parades a team consisting of knowledgeable developers and blockchain experts with vast years of experience in Ethereum & Binance Blockchains. The team members are also men and women of impeccable character who understand how the Fintech space works and how to use blockchain to disrupt the present-day payment systems.

    About RavenDex

    RavenDex is the world's first multiple protocol decentralized finance platform built on the Cardano blockchain. It is also powered by a single utility token. At its core, RavenDex allows for smooth and swift transfer of liquidity and assets. While the Cardano ecosystem lets developers deploy DApps on the Cardano blockchain, it suffers from two main issues, and this is what RavenDex aims to solve. RavenDex focuses primarily on two features that create value for all the projects built on the Cardano protocol.

    Users can provide liquidity and also establish a market where crypto enthusiasts can swap their Cardano tokens for profits. Traders and swappers will have to pay a fee to use this service. In turn, liquidity providers will be rewarded for contributing their assets to the liquidity pool. What's more? RavenDex supports Cardano ADA users with asset price displays, price feed transactions, and wallets. It also offers secure transactions with low fees to make DeFi more accessible to crypto enthusiasts.

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