Receive 500 Char token for the first 10000 investors after complete registration

Chartoken is a financial investment project developed Blockchain technology-based to bring the highest benefits to investors and the community.

How does Chartoken work?

Chartoken will provide the investment packages of $100 to $1,000,000 and the release of a token called Char token. Investors will buy the investment package that suits their needs. After that, they can participate in the member referral program to receive profits and Char tokens.

Chartoken's profit principle

We bring profits in the following way:
- The member referral program

You will get huge profits (from 50% - 65%) when introducing other investors to participate in the project. Let us explain to you.
A is an investor who participates in Chartoken and A purchases an investment package of $10000. Then A introduced F1, F1 introduced F2, F2 introduced F3 as much as F5, A will receive the following profits:
- 10000 Char Tokens
- 50% of the investment package's value each from F1,
- 50% of Char Tokens from each F1,
- 30% of Char Tokens from each F2,
- 10% of Char Tokens from each F3,
- 5% of Char Tokens from each F4 and each F4.
And of course, the bigger investment package A purchases and the more members are introduced, the higher A's revenue is.

- Hold Char token

The release of Chartoken will be listed at $0.01. However, By using 30% of the capital for project development, Investors will get the opportunity to multiply assets by up to 1000 times by increasing the price of Char token.
If you still have concerns, listen to our commitments:
- 100% effort to bring the highest profit for investors
- Ensuring the Char tokenís price will increase continuously in the first 3 years of the project
- Ensure the best liquidity
- Actively implement charitable activities
- Transparency of all transactions
- And develop other utilities to help you invest most effectively.

It's simple, right? No time spent searching, no headaches for investment calculations, just join Chartoken and you will achieve the same level of profitability as your expectations.

To receive 500 Char token for the first 10000 investors, Please use code: UBK9939999361. You just need to complete registration, Chartoken will send your wallet immediately.

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