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Thread: Redevelopment Porject in Athens

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    Redevelopment Project in Athens

    Kodratou 15 is a building 500 m2 in the centre of Athens, 100 metres from the metro station Metaxourgio, 2,2 km from Acropolis. It's a popular investment opportunity because Greece economy is rising steadily.

    The project's main figures:
    750,000 the costs of acquisition and renovation inclusive of all expenses;
    70,000 per annum rental income after maintenance and utilities costs;
    50,000 per annum net income after taxes;
    >1,250,000 market price of the property by the end of 2019.

    You can get more details about the building and market situation contacting

    By purchasing the property investors can obtain European residency for themselves and their family members (spouses, parents and children) for the whole period of ownership.
    An example of a fully finished property we manage in a similar location: (commissioned this year, the average rental rate exceeding 100 per apartment; the annual occupancy rate exceeding 65%).

    The project is free of commissions and brokers.
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