Revolutionize Your Crypto Copy Trading Experience with iQopy

Verified, Diversified, and Optimized

Embark on a Journey of Transparency in Copy Trading

The world of telegram strategy providers is a maze, filled with hidden losses and shadowed gains. Like you, we've felt the frustration of following paths that lead to nowhere but disappointment. That's where iQopy changes everything. By meticulously verifying each strategy provider's history and making it transparent and immutable on the blockchain, we clear the fog of uncertainty. With us, you navigate through this maze with a clear vision.

Discover the future of cryptocurrency copy trading with iQopy, the world's first decentralized app offering a fully transparent trading environment. At iQopy, we empower you to verify the authenticity of strategy providers with blockchain-based report validation, ensuring all performance data is accurate and unaltered.

Our innovative platform doesn't just connect you to one, but allows for a diversified portfolio of multiple top-tier strategy providers, optimized in real-time by our advanced 15-metric algorithm. This unique combination reduces risk and maximizes returns by dynamically adjusting to market conditions.

Seamlessly integrate with any exchange via our API, and manage your investments more effectively, all within a secure and user-friendly environment. Join iQopy today, and take control of your crypto investments with the tools and transparency you deserve.

Those are the 4 main problems this app solves:

1. Verifies the strategy providers' reports. Thousands of telegram channels provide strategies but all of them hide their losses and when you copy them you end up losing money. To become a strategy provider on this application, you will connect the exchange account with the API Key and we will request the entire training history to generate the trading report and write that on the blockchain so nobody can alter that report.

2. The ability to build a portfolio of strategy providers instead of coping with only one as in the traditional way. This gives investors a diversified and balanced portfolio and offers a smooth equity curve. All strategy providers are optimized by the algorithm explained below. After each trade, the algo recalculates the score of each strategy provider and readjusts the trading volume.

3. 15+ weighted matrics Optimization algorithm, that only professional hedge funds use to allocate funds between their portfolio, trades, and assets. Our algorithm uses the following weighted matrics ('Total net profit'), ('Gross profit'), ('Gross loss'), ('Max. drawdown'), ('Risk of Ruin'), ('Max. drawdown / Total net profit Ratio'), ('Profit factor'), ('Win rate'), ('Average Trade'), ('Average winning trade'), ('Average losing trade), ('Number of trades'), ('Max consecutive winners'), ('Min consecutive losers'), ('Largest winning trade'), ('Largest losing trade') to calculate the score to each strategy provider. Once the score is calculated we use that score to adjust the trading volume to all the strategy providers and each investor portfolio. The purpose of this is to reduce the risk and maximize the profit.

4. Seamless exchange integration via API. You can connect to any exchange available and copy strategy providers no matter if they trade into a different exchange than you.