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Thread: Rising or falling

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    Rising or falling

    Good confirmation of rising or falling
    How to understand if there's a false breakdown or not? Often the breakdown gathers stop losses. You need a more accurate indicator. I use the range bar. Having configured the necessary settings of the delta, I can understand where there's a real prerequisite for strong growth, and where the price goes in a certain balance: from edge to edge. Note the following examples: ES, EUR / USD, WTI.
    Range bar sets the bar not on the time parameters, but upon accumulation of the delta. I draw your attention to the rate of accumulation. If the bar is formed rapidly, within 5-10 minutes - it greatly increases the chances for confirmation.
    And what patterns or indicators do you use to confirm a trend?
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    Obviously there would be rise and fall as price won’t move in straight line unless it is strongly trending. One must have good analytical skills. A suitable broker is also required. I am with FreshForex which really helps me in my trading by providing the necessary trading conditions and useable bonuses. 101% tradable bonus is really helpful to trade higher volumes without investing much a good broker would make sure you get the most out of trading!

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    We need to be really good at working out these things in order to really gain. I find it easier with Alpari which is the finest licensed by 3 institutes and got all the tools in the book from zero spreads to brilliant deposit bonus up to 99% and we can even go through, it is excellent for newbies. It is very helpful and allows us to get the money consistently that too without any major trouble or worries at all.

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    In my view, it is absolutely important that we work out in very careful way because market is always about ups and downs, so we need to be absolutely careful with how we go about working. It is also vital to keep up with tight money management and also to do with right broker. It will help us with working.

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    Itís not easy to take a call on these things even after using indicators, so we have to be prepared for all possible scenarios. I personally like using indicator like SAR, but I am not someone who do it as full-time or professionally, therefore, I use BuyForexSignals service, which provides pretty good signals with accuracy near 85% mark.

    Although, I have purchased their monthly services, there is also alternative to use it for FREE and thatís via Avatrade broker. I am joined with someone else, but Avatrade is not a bad broker in case you wish to try. But anyhow, more importantly, this Forex Signals service is something highly worthy and should be used.

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