Shiba Inu On Base

Shiba Inu is now making waves on the BASE network!

Join us as our crypto pup sniffs out fresh opportunities, spreads joy, and wags its way into everyone's hearts across the blockchain, again!

Get ready to embark on a new adventure filled with laughter, memes, and bullish energy!

Within the next two weeks, we're excited to launch a game based on our coin, ShibaWorld.

This game will feature a reward system. Initially, our plan was to allocate 5% of the supply for airdrop to holders of BRETT, MEW, and TOSHI.

However, we're currently considering using this 5% for the reward system within our game. This plan isn't finalized yet; we value your input. To ensure transparency, we'll conduct a poll for the community to vote on this decision. At Shiba, your opinion matters!

Additionally, we'd like to express our gratitude for the active participation in this AMA. Originally, we announced a $100 giveaway, but due to the overwhelming interest, we've decided to double it. Moreover, seeing the high engagement, the Shiba dev team has decided to contribute an additional $100. #BasedShibaDev

In our commitment to transparency, we've decided to lock the team tokens. 3% of the supply will be locked for 8 months.

We've shared some sneak peeks of our upcoming game on X
Check out the link here.

This is just the beginning, there's much more to come! Stay tuned with $ShibaInuOnBase


CA: 0xbAa3125f73Cb4cADc04eC6d74FA085A4baC458CF