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Thread: Stock Market Boom and Crash: Cause and Effect

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    Stock Market Boom and Crash: Cause and Effect

    Last Weekend: What a sudden drop in the today market! From nearly 450 points down decently during the trading day,The market tried once again to sell today an aggressive sell signal given once the trendline as Nifty trades below its critical level of 7850 after a positive start and gaining 4.3 points in the first 30 minute of trade.

    This is the scenario from global and indian markets after the BoJ declared its monetary policy that the Bank of Japan has kept its interest rates unchanged against the market hopes, has not declared any new stimulus.

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    The earning went down very sharply in the day market the recent low went back to the highs again but couldn’t get back through the 25618 range, and back off in the midday, dropping nearly 100 point.

    The stock market indices had a mixed session and a very interesting volatile day. The day started out with a gap lower opening,However in the last half-an-hour of trade the market show some sign of recovery as at the weekend the market closed with flat sign.

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