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Thread: Stock Market sentiments and Trading & analysis software

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    Stock Market sentiments and Trading & analysis software

    Stock Market sentiments are the emotion of Investors all across the world with varying weight-age based on their investment values. Today's Markets are powered by the terms Greed and Fear.
    Greed pushes the running markets UP and Fear pushes the same Markets Lower.

    It's a known fact that,
    Bad Stocks Rise more than Good Stocks when Markets are on the rise (Positive emotion).
    Bad Stocks Fall a lot more than Good Stocks when Markets are on the way down (Negative emotion)
    Majority of the Stocks or Companies are bad or unworthy of being invested in.
    Eventually, the Good Stocks cover the Bad ones in the longer run.

    As far as things goes one should never judge a stock based on the running stock price movement and never have emotions towards the stock. Staying healthy and un-biased is a critical quality for a wise investor or trader.

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