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Thread: Good strategy alone is not enough

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    Good strategy alone is not enough

    A lot of people make mistake that having a good strategy alone is just enough because it is not. It is must to have a solid strategy but equally important to have a quality broker. Luckily, I have just that in shape of Forex Birds, which is one of the Best Forex Broker right now.

    It presents some of the finest features you could think about, especially for scalpers. I feel thrilled with their spreads starting from as low as 0.1 pips and several other benefits. It is how a good strategy can truly benefit you not otherwise.

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    Frankly speaking, a good strategy can be enough, but it must be executed well, since without that part, it is just next to impossible to work out anything. I usually get boosted by IronFX, with a lot of fancy tools including pip calculator and much more, it all really contributes to how I move about doing things and able to execute good strategies. Once and IF we manage this well and successfully, it helps us automatically to get things into the right direction.

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