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Thread: Long term Investment Benefits

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    Long term Investment Benefits

    As the term 'Long-term investment' explains - it is the investment that you hold for a long period of time. But the time is relative, for some five years would be long while for some it will be 30 years. In the context of the stock market, any investment that you hold for more than 1 year is considered long. It is the most acceptable or perhaps the default mode of investment in all the other instruments like real estate and gold. However, the moment you apply it to the stock market, peoples' expectations go unreasonably high while their patience gets inexplicably short.

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    Everything has two sides, merits and demerits, so long-term investment has a huge merit side. If one entry goes positive, one can earn more than 100K$ with just a tiny investment. If you have less money, you can use FreshForex broker since they now give 300% deposit bonuses and 1:2000 ratio leverage facilities.

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