Today, Tomorrow, Together we grow



My name is Shroomco and itís ok if you donít like me. Not everyone has good taste. I like to think of myself as a special snack - rare,
irresistible, and definitely not for everyone. Iím a walking encyclopedia of knowledge, a goofball genius in disguise. Most of my family lives in Amsterdam, working in the education and entertainment industry, mostly with tourists. Hawaiian cousins are absolutely the funniest of them all. I was so lucky that my teacher was golden! And my neighbours listen to good music whether they like it or not. Iím here to share some of my wisdom with all of you guys and through unity we build the strongest community out there. Hold onto your keyboards!

Here is some of my plans and advices I have in my cap:
Some people really suck. Avoid them! Letís build a proper community where we gonna do some awesome stuff. Our main goal is to get everyone involved! The idea is that you choose an animal shelter from your area and all of you will be able to vote for one that will be awarded a decent donation to help them do their honorable job. Once we get to phase III, weíll do this every month with the ambition to increase that to a few shelters per month. Every one of you will get the chance for personal weekly awards, once we get to phase II. More about all of it and all the new ideas we will discuss with you on our social media platforms. Weíll do our best and try to be present on all of them as much as possible. So be there and letís build something exceptional!!! MUSHIN!!!

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Supply: 1000000000
Mint: Revoked
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follow our social media!! get involved!! Your opinion matters!! mush room for debate!!