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Thread: top stock to focus today

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    top stock to focus today

    BUY WOCKPHARMA ABOVE 594 TGT 599 / 605 SL 585

    BUY BHARTIARTL 360 CE ABOVE 16.70 TG 19.30/27.70 SL 14.20

    BUY DEEPAKFERT ABOVE 282 TGT 287 / 295 SL 275

    SELL ZINC BELOW 178 TGT 177.50./177 SL 179

    BUY BEML ABOVE 886 TGT 898 / 915 SL 874 LOT- 500

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    A good option is one that lasts for long term, it shouldn’t be worked on temporary basis. I like Amazon stock, which is easy and allows one to generate consistent profits. I simply track up Amazon stock price target, and make my trading plan accordingly with staying in that range of price.

    But you can even target several other options too, so it’s just about doing what makes you feel comfortable instead of trying to do something unique or special and not getting much out of it.

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    top stock to focus today

    The stock locked up tight and had no problems that way, but it will never be as comfortable or feel as good as a good old wood one. Im using my wood stocked gun a lot more than when it had the ATI stock on it.

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