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Thread: top stock to focus even in volatile market

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    top stock to focus even in volatile market

    BUY DABUR ABOVE 443.70 TG 444.70/447.70 SL 442

    BUY VINATIOTGA ABOVE 1180 TGT 1210 SL 1150

    BUY ZINC ABOVE 180.30 TGT 180.80/181.40 SL 179.30

    BUY TITAN 900 CE ABOVE 43 TG 46/55 SL 38

    BUY PETRONET ABOVE 233.10 TG 235.10/238.10 SL 231.10

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    Frankly speaking, you got to have your priority when it comes trading in terms of options and must stick to them regardless of the situation. However, we do need to keep options open that we can shift using temporarily.

    I like Forex trading a lot and my thing usually runs between usd to try forecast, which gives me fair idea of the developing situation. And when you have confidence, then you could EASILY make consistent profits.

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