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Thread: Have you traded with TradeWiseFX?

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    Have you traded with TradeWiseFX?

    Please advise if you traded with this broker. I recently read their review on one of the ratings sites and got interested, so i like to know more about it if anyone is trading with them? Thanks in advance.

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    No I have not traded with TradeWiseFx. I am with FreshForex broker though! I get all my conditions fulfilled which is primarily fast execution with low spreads and various markets like forex, stocks and binary options. I also have many choices of useable bonuses which make trading profitable and enjoyable. The supporting conditions of market analytics, trading competition and good customer support also helps immensely!

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    No, I don’t think I will be comfortable when it comes to trading with such random broker, as its too risky. I will prefer to trade with a reliable and trustworthy broker with good market reputation.

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    I will be honest that I am with FreshForex broker for the last eight years. Though early stage I worked as a affiliate marketer and later then I started to trade with them due to their deposit bonuses like I always get 300% bonus for deposit any amount.

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