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Thread: Are You Trading Intraday?

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    Are You Trading Intraday?

    An Intraday trade is the one in which a trader buys and sells the stock in the same trading session. Usually, intraday trades are carried out on the margin or leverage (service provided by brokerage firms) which enables the traders to buy stocks in a large quantity. Hence, the aim of the trader is to capitalise on the small movements of the stocks which can bring in huge profits. This is just one side of the story. But as the market moves either side, if the bought stock moves in the opposite direction, intraday is capable of bringing in losses of high volume.
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    We have to be extremely careful with how we are going to trade, as it’s the type of thing that matters a lot. So this is where and why we have to be sharp and alert with each and everything.

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    Yes, on TP Global FX broker I am trading intraday where I am making regular money. Just one thing that traders hsould kee in mind that you should follow nproper money management system for making money.

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    Yes, I have been doing that on FreshForex broker for several years, and most of the time, I gain money, so you can do that on your broker, but always keep in mind that the broker should be very authentic.

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