AGENZ are the first recruitment agency on the blockchain and the only one on the planet that pays its staff daily through an array of stable or volatile asset classes.

Not a single recruitment business is going to able to compete with their costs and services to clients, consultants and candidates and this is the start of true mass adoption.

They have a strong and growing team as well as a compelling use case for their utility token (AGNZ) set to be released by the 31st of October on the LID protocol self service launch pad.

The recruitment industry turns over 500bn a year entirely through the blood, sweat and tears of human labour. Agencies in their current form are old fashioned and out dated yet rampage through global economic collapses.

The industry needs disrupting and for the first time in its 120 year history, we finally have a company who are going to do just that, disrupt.

Through the corporate use of DeFi and by leveraging their decades of relationships, big business is coming to the blockchain, alas.

Recent steps in regulation make it all possible. Mass adoption is here.