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Art is one of the most important ways we can use to express ourselves. It is a communicative form of expression that can be viewed by others which can have a profound impact on their way of thinking. As we already know, it is timeless; yet, it always changes to reflect the times in which it was created. It can be practical, serious, informative, revealing, enlightening, entertaining or even whimsical. At times it can even be controversial to the point where people may “step in the darkness.” However, art usually brings peace into our lives, and it reminds us what humanity really is, a mixture of “the light” and “the dark”. Of course, all of us usually walk towards “the light,” but a person usually has to make a conscious effort to walk towards “it”. For me, making art is a very mindful form of expression that allows me to appreciate the humanity and “the light” that exists in all of us. Concerning me and the creation of my art in its physical form or in its digital form, my art is practical, serious, informative, revealing, enlightening, entertaining and whimsical. Furthermore, my art at times is amateurish and maybe at times not. However, my art allows me to feel harmony in my life and that is why I am Concordia and at peace when I create.